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Just for the Record Three,
Track 1, Mission 1:
Paul Cheese 25 Forums







The 1st track of my new album will be recorded on a massive cycle audio adventure to celebrate 25 years of

The Forum music venue in Tunbridge Wells.

I carried 75kg of equipment & bike 1650 miles.

The mission to write and record a song. 

So, for my 3rd solo album I am planning 12 worldwide cycle missions, with one song written and recorded on each. 


The final 12 tracks will be my 3rd solo album 'Just for the Record Three'



I'm on the case of a new audio adventure to celebrate 25 years of the TUNBRIDGE WELLS FORUM

I'm cycling to 25 forums over 23 days.

The mission to write and record a song and visit 24 ancient Forums,

the 25th will be the Forum music venue in Tunbridge Wells.

My Bike and I leftg on 5th April.


I am on the hunt for inspirational locations to write and record in. 

Everything I need, I carry on my bike.


If you are curious about my sound or interested in my story there are ways that you can get involved


Or you could go to my pledge page and there are ways that you could be part of the journey.


Have you ever wondered what butterflies wings sound like?
This is my TEDx talk:


What does the garden of England sound like?  
For Unfest 2017 I invited the people of Kent to send me the sounds in their life.
It could have been a sound they loved or found interesting, I then used
all of the sounds (and only these sounds) to create the song.
A massive thank you to everyone that sent me a sound.
All of the sounds are on this track and the ones that had videos were used to make this film:


​This album was written and captured during a 5887km cycle ride across Europe.

I carried 45kg of equipment on my bike & in my pannier bags. I started in Edam,

then down to Gruyères, over the alps to Gorgonzola, across and up into the Pyrenees, then through France to Camembert to finish.

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