Paul Cheese

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I am a professional musician, sound artist, producer, singer, cyclist, songwriter.

My biggest creative music project to date - TheBigRecord:UK

What does the UK sound like? Find out more at


About me:


On the hunt for inspirational locations, I have written and recorded music in locations around the world. On the tops of mountains, to deep underground, old places, new places and even underwater, from pill boxes to ice caves, the Australian bush to the Grand Canyon… 

My two solo albums; 'Just For The Record' and 'Just For The Record Too', have both been recorded on epic cycling trips whereby I carried 45 kg of recording equipment and instruments over 6000 miles.

My latest album 'Just For The Record Three' Will be written and recorded on 12 worldwide adventures.

My first ambitious trip took me to the four furthest points of mainland Britain covering over 2000 miles.

I recorded in unusual places such as Clearwell caves, Ardnamurchan lighthouse and a pill box as discussed on

radio 2 with Jeremy Vine.

Inspired by the success of the first album, I took on a marathon 4000 mile tour of Europe calling at cheese related destinations to write and record my second album ‘Just For The Record Too’.

My surname is genuinely ‘Cheese’ so for fun I thought it apt to stop at destinations such as such as Edam, Gruyere, Gorgonzola and Camembert. En route I recorded in inspiring places, such as from the tops of the Alps and Pyrenees

as well as mixing and recording distinctive sounds. 

I have recently launched the start of my third solo album, ‘Just For The Record Three’

which I’m writing and recording in a series of cycle missions – the first was completed in April 2018.

It was the 25th anniversary of the Forum music venue in 2018(one of the UK’s leading grass roots music venues) so to celebrate this I cycled 1650, to capture and create the first track for my latest album. 

A few of my projects:
Guest speaker for TEDx

Featured on BBC World Service, BBC radio in all UK regions

Resident sound artist on BBC Radio Kent

In house band on the Channel 4 show 'Here's Johnny'

Part of the sound team for the ITV award winning series of 'Long Lost Family'

Commissioned by the BBC to create a piece of music for the Turner 

Contemporary Gallery's 5th Anniversary

Featured in specialist cycling/music magazines, including a 6 page feature in

'Cycling World' Magazine.

Working with one of the UK's leading brand experience companies 'Interact'

I have written, recorded & mixed two fully immersive sound & visuals experiences,

that have run for the last 4 years in 'the loveliest castle in Britain' - Leeds Castle.

I have toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe. I am also singer & guitarist in the band '4th Wall'


To me, music and sound is everything. I invite you to take a listen to my albums and journey.

For all information, digital audio and visual content see below, or visit:


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Interview in Cycling World Magazine
Interview on the Radio 4/BBC World Service

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Press Images

Just For The Record Too Album Cover
Just For The Record Album Cover
Paul Cheese Press Shot Caves
TEDx Paul Cheese
Paul and the Bikerophone
JFTR Press Shot



Posters & Flyers

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Sound Art Projects

Turner Contemporary’s 5th birthday 
Commissioned to create a sound art piece
'audio photograph' during a live BBC Show.
Click Here to view

The Sound of Kent, The Big Record

‘Is there a sound you love or find interesting?’

 With the help of BBC Radio Kent,

I asked the people of the county to send me the sounds in their life. 

These sounds to create a song/video/installation.

Click Here to view

Battle for the Skies @ Leeds Castle
Developed a 8:2 surround sound audio/visual experience at 'the loveliest castle in England' 
The Dark Sky @ Leeds Castle
2015 marked the 600 anniversary of the battle of Agincourt. 3d projection and a 8:2 surround sound experience.
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